Harmon calls on Gov’t to desist from bullying Anna Regina market vendors


Leader of the Opposition Joseph Harmon is showing support to the Anna Regina Vendors over the motion to remove them from the market by its Town Council.

Harmon in a statement on Monday stated that the PPP government is an “uncaring” one since the decision is especially unconscionable in light of the increasing economic hardship being faced by these vendors and ordinary Guyanese all across the country.

“The vendors have a legitimate expectation to be allowed to vend without suffering constant assault by the state to disband and remove them to a remote location,” the statement read. On Thursday last, footage was seen of excavators at the market in wee hours, trying to remove the stalls on the roadside.

The APNU/AFC calls on the government to desist from bullying and provoking the vendors who are ordinary hardworking Guyanese citizens. Harmon said, “There is no doubt that there is an ulterior political motive in the unrelenting actions of the PPP. There is credible suspicion that once again the PPP is acting in this highhanded manner to satisfy the interests of its financiers while dismissing the legitimate interests and rights of ordinary citizens.”

Further, the Opposition Leader suggested that the government embrace APNU+AFC Coalition’s plan to build a modern market in Anna Regina with all the amenities and facilities to allow for convenient shopping in a comfortable and safe environment. Also, that the vendors are given priority allocation of stalls in the new market. In the meantime, the party demands that the vendors be allowed to ply their trade at the current location as they have been doing for the past thirty years.


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