Former Director-General of the Ministry of the Presidency, Campaign Manager, and Election Agent for the APNU-AFC, Joseph Harmon, in a statement noted that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is yet to respond to the many letters sent regarding the irregularities which are unfolding during the recount.

“Since May 30, when the… (APNU/AFC) dispatched eleven (11) letters to the Guyana elections commission (GECOM) on investigations we requested of the irregularities which were unfolding there has been no direct response to our letters.”

According to Harmon, the party has sent five more letters to the commission. He says the commission must with certainty make its position known on issues that put the credibility of the votes in question. The party is hoping for a response by Friday, June 5.

Further, Harmon mentioned during Thursday’s press briefing that the opposition is going to great lengths to cast doubt on the fact which shows so far over 170 Guyanese were out of the country on March 2, while their names were used at the polls.

“As a tactic, the PPP is now attacking the Immigration Department, the legal body that monitors the movement of people in and out of the country. Here the PPP is clutching at straws. They are trying to impugn the character of the officer in charge of those records and the very records.”

He said the selective extraction of persons by the PPP cannot change the fact that a vast number of persons that were not in the country voted on March 2, 2020. He noted that at end of the exercise, the Coalition expects the numbers to be several hundred.

“The PPP is again trying to change the narrative to suit their narrow political gain. Every day it is clear. The CARICOM observer mission is at the Conference Centre every day and is bearing witness first hand to the irregularities coming out of the process.”


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