Health Ministry reminds parents Pfizer vaccines are safe despite social media post


Statement by the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health wishes to assure the general public that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. This evening, in a Facebook post, a 13-year-old child received her 1st dose of the Pfizer vaccine at the Parika Salem Secondary School. Earlier this afternoon, this child, after receiving the jab, felt faint.

Out of an abundance of caution, the child was taken to the Leonora Hospital. The Doctor at the health facility examined her and placed her on oxygen, after which she was discharged. The child is currently resting at home.

The Ministry of Health would like to remind all parents to mention their child’s medical condition to the vaccination provider. The vaccination series is two doses given three weeks apart. If you receive one dose of the vaccine, you should receive a second dose of the vaccine three weeks later to complete the process.

Please encourage your children to get vaccinated to protect them from the severe forms of the COVID 19 disease. Continue to stay safe by getting vaccinated and following the COVID-19 guidelines.


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