High-powered rifle recovered by Police in Region #7


Police in Regional Division #7 responded to a report earlier today (May 31st, 2022) of someone indiscriminately discharging a firearm in Blackwater Backdam, Cuyuni River.

Two ranks were dispatched to the area and when they arrived in the Backdam, they contacted the person who made the report. Based on information received, the ranks were taken to the camp where the man accused of discharging the firearm, was located

Upon approaching him, the ranks observed a rifle in his hand and upon seeing the ranks, he dropped the rifle and fled into the nearby bushes.

He was pursued by the ranks but they were unable to apprehend him.

The firearm was found to be a Rockriver 5.56 mm Rifle with 27 rounds.

The police ranks took possession of the firearm, and searches continue for the suspect.


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