Hire car driver chopped to head in Berbice


A 27-year-old man is now nursing a single shop wound to his face after an argument started with a 32-year-old man after he rode his bicycle into the man’s car door.
Police said that on October 17 around 20:30hrs, Safar Dillawar was seated along a culvert in an access street located in Crabwood Creek Corentyne Berbice when the suspect came and asked for a pass whilst he was riding his scooter and rode into the victim’s car door that was parked along the street. An argument ensued between the victim and the suspect. The suspect then left and returned with a cutlass and dealt the victim a single chop to his face causing him to receive injuries.
The victim was picked by his brother who took him to the Skeldon Public Hospital where he has been admitted a patient under observation in a stable condition.
Checks were made for the suspect based on information received and was escorted to Springlands Police Station where he was placed into custody pending investigation.
Enquiries are in progress.


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