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Hire car driver robbed at gunpoint of vehicle, phone & cash

A 53-year-old man is now counting his losses after he was allegedly robbed of his silver gray Toyota ‘212’ (#PKK 1580) valued at $800,000 along with his Samsung cellular phone worth $35,000 and $8,000 in cash that he had inside his car when an armed bandit and his accomplice executed forced him to exit the vehicle in “Rasville”, Georgetown, late last night (Monday).

The armed robbery is said to have taken place around 23:30h by two (2) ‘identifiable’ men, one (1) of whom had been armed with a handgun.

According to a police statement, the 53-year-old male would use his vehicle (#PKK 1580) as a “private hire” and the man told investigators that at he had been at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) when one (1) of the perpetrators approached him and requested that he transport him to “Back School in West.”s

“The perp then sat in the front passenger seat and they proceeded to the location where on arrival the perp placed a call and further requested to be taken to Rasville next to the New Guyana School. Upon arrival at the said location as the victim stopped the car, the other perp appeared, place a gun at his head and demanded that he exit his motorcar which he did. The perp with the gun then went into the driver’s seat and they both made good their escape.”

The man’s cellular phone and his cash were inside the car’s middle pocket at that time.

An investigation is in progress.



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