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Home Affairs Ministry to ramp up efforts to tackle misuse of firearms by private security firms

Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn has noted that his Ministry will implement more efforts to bring better awareness to critically deal with the misuse of firearms by private security firms.  

The Minister made this statement during a meeting held with representatives of private security firms at the Officers Training Centre in Georgetown on Saturday. 

The meeting was geared toward discussing the issues and concerns surrounding private security services and how these firms can work collaboratively with the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to keep Guyana safe. 

Minister Benn pointed out to those present that as part of the security architecture of Guyana, the security services have the responsibility required under the law to be willing, workable, and effective partners with respect to increasing peace in our country.

Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn [Photo: Guyana Police Force/ February 25, 2023]

“I want to encourage you to do your work in keeping with our laws,” Benn posited.

The Minister also alluded to instances where officers of security firms would improperly use their firearms while on duty.

To this end, the Minister said that there needs to be professionalism, especially when it concerns the handling of firearms.

“We are open to further discussion,” the Minister noted, adding that better awareness to address the issue would soon be forthcoming. 

“Make sure your people are well taken care of so they can do the job you hire them to do,” Minister Benn reasoned.

“I believe that many of you who are running security services are professionals in the area. I believe that many of you have knowledge and expertise with respect to training, behaviour, and culture with respect to the use of firearms.”

Meanwhile, Commissioner of Police (ag) Clifton Hicken noted that the safety and security of Guyana need a collaborative effort. While policing is at the forefront of law enforcement, the support and collaboration of key partners are critical.

Speaking on the recently acquired academy status of the GPF, the Top Cop noted that all security services will have to be certified by the Police Academy.

Hicken continued by indicating that the curriculum would be created to adapt to the changing environment based on projections for the country’s oil and gas industry, which would enhance the theoretical component by incorporating tourism policing, which would highlight the security service in tandem with the Police Force.

Hicken reiterated, “the Guyana Police Force will not be working in isolation; we are going to be working in partnership; you are a part of the stakeholders; we are putting ourselves in order, and you will have to come on board.”



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