• Measures to recoup being implemented

The Ministry of Home Affairs, in a press release issued on Tuesday, is urging motorists to pay all outstanding fines on traffic tickets issued, or face the legal consequences. The statement also indicated that failure to pay these fines will result in court action being taken against the motorist. The Ministry outlined that they are working on measures to reclaim outstanding fines. The statement noted that the ministry is currently in reconciliatory stages of the exercise, paying attention to the period 2013 to 2014.

The police enforcement of the traffic laws will be intensified to deal with errant drivers, especially those who might want to drink above a safe limit during the upcoming holiday season. In efforts to reverse the current trend, the Traffic Chief stated that there will be day and night motorcycle and car patrols in all divisions of the country, while foot patrols will be utilized as far as practicable to deter potential errant road users. According to Mr. Denhart, in pursuance of enhanced regulation of the flow of traffic in the city for the Christmas season, special control measures will be implemented, namely:
Robb Street – “NO ENTRY” to east-bound vehicular  traffic between Alexander Street and Light Street ; Bourda Street – “NO ENTRY” to vehicular traffic between Regent Street and North Road; Regent Street- “NO ENTRY” to east bound traffic between  Avenue of the Republic and Albert Street. These changes will be on Christmas Eve Day between 15:00hrs and22:00hrs.


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