The Special Branch of the Guyana Police force should not be chastised for overlooking the activities of Charandas Persaud. That’s the view of the public security minister as that Branch of the Guyana police force comes into focus. Here is more from Travis Chase.

The bigger question lingering in the minds of many in Government as it relates to that ‘YES’ vote by former AFC parliamentarian Charandass Persaud is how did the intelligence arm of the Guyana police force, which is responsible for political analyses among other things, completely overlooked Persaud’s plans?

Persaud, days before his ‘YES’ vote, sold his Berbice Law office, his duty free high end vehicle and booked a ticket using his Canadian passport among other things.

The very question was put to the Minister Responsible for Public security, Khemraj Ramjattan who is also Chairman of the Alliance.

Special Branch in British and commonwealth countries is also used to identify units responsible for matters of national security and intelligence. A Special Branch unit acquires and develops intelligence, usually of a political or sensitive nature, and conducts investigations to protect the State from perceived threats of subversion, particularly terrorism and other extremist political activity.

Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that the APNU+AFC and the Special Branch unit of the Guyana police force on December 21 and prior had been deceived by the AFC MP.

The Public security Minister does not believe that the Special Branch of the Guyana police Force should be chastised for, perhaps overlooking Charandass plans.


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