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Husband and wife allegedly electrocuted at Success Squatting Area

A husband and wife- Prahalad Jagnarine and Sorajanie Hansraj were allegedly electrocuted. The tragic incident occurred sometime between 19:00 hours last evening and 06:00 hrs this morning at Success Squatting Area, East Coast Demerara.

32-year-old Sorajanie Hansraj and her 39-year-old husband Prahalad Jagnarine lived together with their 11-year-old daughter Trishana in an unpainted wooden structure on the northern side of the Success Squatting Area.

The daughter told investigators that Sorajanie Hansraj informed her that she going on the road to pick up her father sometime around 19:00 hours on Sunday evening. However, when she woke up 06:00 hours the next day, she realized that her parents were not home. She left, walked out to the Alleyway, and discovered her parents lying motionless beside each other.

She immediately alerted neighbours, who assisted her and notified the Police. On arrival at the scene, the two victims were seen lying motionless.

The bodies were examined, where burnt marks were seen on the neck, chest, and right wrist of Jagnarine and burnt marks on the left wrist and left side back of Hansraj.

Further searches were done, and a length of red and black wire was seen next to the two bodies. The wire was connected to an electrical post leading to their home. GPL and EMT were summoned to the scene. GPL disconnected the wire from the post, and the bodies were pronounced dead by Dr Dourga and were escorted to the Mortuary awaiting PME.

The Minister of Home Affairs Mr Robeson Benn, along with several police ranks were on the scene this morning.

Investigations are ongoing.



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