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“I buy the weed from a pusher man at Timehri” – man nabbed with ganja at Police checkpoint

A man was arrested on Sunday at the 70KM Police checkpoint with 560 grams of marijuana inside a five-gallon bucket. 

Ranks on duty at the checkpoint stopped motor lorry GLL 1703, driven by a 27-year-old from Itaballi Landing, along with five other occupants, including Quacy Steven Wright. 

A search was carried out on the occupants and their personal belongings, but nothing illegal was found. 

A further search was conducted, during which a rank found a ‘grey five-gallon bucket’ in the truck’s tray. The bucket contained one red plastic bag with leaves, seeds and stems of cannabis.  

The ranks interviewed the driver and occupants of the vehicle, including Wright, who replied: “Officer, I buy the weed from a pusher man at Timehri.”  

The cannabis was weighed in the suspect’s presence. He was arrested and placed into custody.



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