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“I didn’t want his wife see me there” – woman who jumped from guest house after her lover’s death

By: Shemar Alleyne 

The woman who was seen in a widely circulated video jumping from the Quamina Guest House after the death of the man she had been seeing for the last four years is setting the record straight about what unfolded in the hotel room.

On Friday, 49-year-old Umar Ally of Lot 221 ‘B’ Field Pattensen, Greater Georgetown, was found lying on the floor in a room at Quamina Guest House with blood oozing from his head.

Not long after, CCTV footage of a woman who has been identified as Kenisha Thomas surfaced.  

In an interview with HGP Nightly News, the woman professed her innocence. She noted that she and Ally are regular visitors to the guest house. 

“But on Friday, when we went into the guest house, the receptionist tell me we can go to 104, and he turned and asked me if I want a beer, and I said yes,” Thomas recalled.  

According to the mother of three, Ally came into the room with two beers and three Guinness, and they began conversing on the bed while having the alcoholic beverages.

The mother of three added that after having sexual intercourse, she proceeded to the bathroom to take a shower while the 49-year-old man was waiting at the bathroom door when she heard a loud noise.

“When I look around, I see he lying on the toilet bowl panting for breath – I run out the bathroom, wrapped the towel and went to the receptionist, and I said, ‘come, come quick, he fall down’.” 

The receptionist accompanied Thomas to the room, where she saw the man on the floor and told her that she had to call the “Police and the ambulance.” 

“I say no, don’t do that. I can’t stay this is my neighbour’s husband, and I started panic, and I went to put on my pants and bra, and I picked up my top and phone, and I jumped down the building, and I ran away,” the woman stated.  

The woman explicitly stated that throughout her four years relationship with Ally, they never “had an argument, we never had a fight.”

Thomas said that while she is innocent, she is sad about the incident and offered her sympathy to Ally’s family.

When asked whether she thinks it is because of the high volume of the intercourse that caused Ally’s heart to stop beating, the woman said it is possible. 

She also stated, “I think the medication he is using, his body could not take the Guinness and maybe that make his heart give out.”

The woman noted that when the autopsy is completed, she will turn herself over to the Police. 

In the meantime, she noted that the dead man’s family has been “pelting her grandmother’s house.” The man’s wife is also calling for a thorough probe by Police into his death. 



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