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“I get $200,000. What y’all can do for me?” – Man busted by Police with shotgun

On Wednesday, a 35-year-old year security guard was arrested after he was busted with a 12-gauge shotgun and one matching round at 28 Miles Amelia’s Falls, Access Road, Upper Essequibo River. 

Reports are that ranks were on patrol in the area when they observed a makeshift camp a short distance from the Essequibo River. 

The ranks proceeded to the camp, where they observed the 35-year-old man of Phase 1 B Wisroc, Wismar, Linden. 

A search was conducted on the camp, and the ranks observed the suspected shotgun wrapped in a hammock. Upon examination, one 12-gauge cartridge was found in the firearm with no serial number. 

The 35-year-old man under caution told ranks: “Officer, I hunt with this gun to make me lil side hustle on my lil security work, I get $200,000. What y’all can do for me?”  

The man was immediately arrested and escorted to the Mackenzie Police Station along with the shotgun and cartridge where it was lodged. He is in custody pending further investigation and charges.



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