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“I selling da cocaine and weed fo mine me sickly husband” – Sexagenarian

A sexagenarian from Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara (WCD), was on Friday caught with a quantity of cocaine and marijuana on her kitchen counter.

Reports are that law enforcement officers went to the woman’s house and requested to conduct a search, which was granted.

During the search, one bulky transparent plastic bag containing a number of small silver foil wraps and several white paper parcels was found on the kitchen counter.

When opened in her presence, a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems were seen in each of the white paper parcels, which were suspected to be cannabis.

At the same time, the silver foil wraps had hard whitish rocklike substances suspected to be cocaine.

She was told of the offence committed and, under caution, said, “I selling da cocaine and weed fo mine me sickly husband.”

She was arrested and escorted to the Leonora Police Station along with the suspected drugs.

The suspected cocaine weighed and amounted to 10.3 grams, while the suspected cannabis amounted to 28.6 grams. The suspect was placed into custody pending further investigation.



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