Inmates children benefit from GPS’s Back-to-School Drive


Anticipation for a new school year can mean loads of excitement for many children and families. It can also bring on feelings of fear and anxiety for many parents and guardians who are unable to provide basic school supplies for their young ones, especially for those who are incarcerated.

However, the Guyana Prison Service (GPS) continue to show their compassion and altruism to those incarcerated through the “Back-to-School Drive”, where children of current inmates were equipped with the necessary supplies for the new academic school year.

The two-day exercise concluded on August 29, 2022 and was done at all prison locations where the recipients benefited from backpacks, lunch bags and daycare bags stocked with all the related items such as stationery, lunch bowls, water bottles, baby wipes, flasks etc.

The Officer-in-Charge Prisoners Welfare and Corrections Mrs Marielle Bristol-Grant stated that the Welfare and Corrections Department coordinated the activity as apart of the Family Reconciliation Program. The time could not have been more fitting, and the items were carefully thought out to be most beneficial to the recipients. Mrs Bristol-Grant emphasized that the inmate presenting the package to their children was most important to have them feel apart of the process and to create a positive memory for the children.

Director of Prions, Nicklon Elliot noted that the initiative is aimed at ensuring that the beneficiaries are being provided with the basic amenities to attend school.

“I think it helps their self-esteem, despite their circumstances” Mr. Elliot said. “We at the GPS recognize the importance of education. We all know that the greatest asset that could be given to a child is education.”

Further, the Prison Director expressed optimism that the initiative will motivate the students to get excited about returning to school and face-to-face teaching.

The initiative was one that is highly appreciated by the inmates’ family.

(Guyana Prison Service)


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