Intruder with ‘toy gun’ storms into Chief Justice’s residence, confronts cops


Two police ranks attached to the Georgetown residence of Chief Justice, Roxanne George, were today confronted by a lone male who had entered the premises unknown to them carrying a black handgun.

According to the police, the two ranks were on duty inside of the security hut at the Chief Justice’s home, when the female officer left her colleague to use the washroom. 

Upon making her way to the washroom, the female cop was confronted by “a male of African descent, about 5 ft 4 inches in height, wearing a black short pants and a white jersey tied around his face,” a police statement this afternoon said.

The male approached the female rank and pointed the gun at her before firing a punch in her direction. However, his fist missed the woman’s face and she immediately alerted the other police rank by shouting for him.

The male cop who was armed with a .38 revolver rushed to aid his colleague and when the suspect saw the policeman he immediately pointed the gun in his direction. The male cop immediately took cover and the suspect used this opportunity to escape by jumping over the fence.

In the process, the gun was dropped in the compound, and later picked up by investigators who suspect that it was a toy gun. The probe into the matter continues.


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