Jamaican authorities discover over 300lbs cocaine in containers allegedly shipped from Guyana


Two (2) containers, one destined for Haiti while the other was to be transported to China, were intercepted by law enforcement officials in Jamaica after they discovered parcels of suspected cocaine concealed in them.

According to a press statement from Guyana’s Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU), the containers were allegedly shipped from Guyana and intercepted on Monday (March 1, 2021) by Jamaican Law enforcement agents at Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited, Jamaica.

At that time, searches were conducted on several transshipment containers allegedly emanating from Guyana.

“One container containing logs of lumber was found to contain a box with parcels of suspected cocaine and the (2) second container contained multiple duffle bags that also contained parcels of suspected cocaine. Both containers were detained and an investigation ensued. The consignment was destined for Haiti and China. The suspected cocaine totalled 306.5 lbs or 139.4kg,” the CANU stated.

According to the drug-fighting agency, it is currently in contact with its counterparts and investigations are ongoing to ascertain how the narcotics were placed inside of the two (2) containers.


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