Juveniles; ages 15 and 16 among those arrested for possession of gun and ammunition


Police on Tuesday morning conducted a search in a Guyhoc Park Georgetown home where a number of articles were found including gun and ammunition among a 23 year old female, a 19 year old male and three juveniles ages 15, 16 and 16.
According to information by the police, a party of policemen requested and conducted a search on a two-storied wooden and concrete structure where they discovered a black bag in a chair containing one .32 revolver with its serial number filed off containing four .32 live rounds of ammunition. The youths were told of the discovery and denied ownership of the items.
A further search was conducted which revealed six cellular phones and one tablet.
They all continued to deny ownership and as such were escorted to the East La Penitance Police Station Station. a
The GPF has since launched an investigation surrounding the circumstances of the unlawful possession of the articles found.


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