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Karrau Village Man reportedly slips and drowns at Falls

A man, known only as ‘Brother Ken’ lost his life after he drowned in the Mattock Falls, Cuyuni River.

Early reports state that the man who hails from Karrau Village, Mazaruni River was shuttling fuel with a metal boat which was powered by two 75 HP Yamaha outboard engines captained by Pargia Gibson and after offloading fuel at the foot of the falls, they began navigating through the falls on the return journey when one of the engines developed a problem, stuttered and the boat began drifting whilst taking in water. Brother Ken went to the boat bow and attempted to tie the boat to a nearby rock and whilst doing so, allegedly slipped and fell overboard.

The incident occurred about 2:30 hours on Wednesday.

A search was launched by the boat operator with the assistance of a passing boat to no avail.

Police are making preparations to visit the location in search of the missing man.



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