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Police are investigating several persons after yet another a false kidnapping report has come to light. 

Police learned that on the 21st March 2022, a domestic worker of West Bank Demerara reported to Brickdam Police Station that she was in the company of a female friend of Phoenix Park, West Bank Demerara and others about 04:20hrs at the Timehri bus park when a taxi from a popular service came up. She stated that her friend went up to the car and the driver of the car snatched her and pulled her into the front passenger seat of the car and the car drove away under suspicious circumstances.

Officers were told by the woman that she received a text message from the alleged victim’s phone saying “you have to come and find her or I will kill her”.

Following the said report, the next day police ranks went to a home at No1 Village, Corentyne, Berbice where the alleged kidnapped victim was located in company of a male who said he is a construction worker of Kuru Kuru, Linden Highway.

They were both arrested, detained and questioned by investigators where the alleged victim – among other things – stated that she did not send any message to anyone’s phone and moreso, she was not kidnapped.

Her version of the story stated that her male friend asked her to accompany him to Berbice which she did voluntarily and whilst in Berbice she learnt from her mother that her friend told her that she was kidnapped. She stated that she told her mother she was not kidnapped and that she went to Berbice of her own free will.

The male also gave a written statement supporting the story of the alleged victim.

Several other persons were questioned by the police as the probe continues.

In the space of three days, the Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters, at Eve Leary have been working on three cases that have proven to be false.



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