Knife wielding bandit captured at police roadblock after robbing Linden shopkeeper


A 51 year old man is now in police custody after committing robbery under arms on a female shopkeeper on December 14 at Chiney Road, Moblissa Highway Linden.
Police said that the 50 year old woman was in her home when she was about to go outside of wash when the suspect who is known to her armed with a knife, grabbed onto the victim’s neck and said “I want the money or I will kill you”, while pointing the knife in her face.
The victim then became fearful for her life which caused her to hand over her money to the suspect who then pulled off the victim’s rings from her fingers and demanded more money but when she insisted that was all she had, he snatched her phone while she managed to run out of the and raise an alarm.

The Police was summoned but the suspect managed to escape.

A roadblock led to the fleeing suspect being apprehended in a hire car.

A search was conducted on him and the woman’s $45,000.00 cash, one gold wedding ring valued $70,000.00, one gold finger ring with a white stone valued $40,000.00 and one Samsung J2 cellular phone valued $45,000.00 were found on his person along cash $2900 cash. He was told of the allegation, cautioned and he admitted. He was placed into custody pending investigation.

The articles were shown to the victim and she identified them as her property.
Investigations ongoing.


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