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Known drug trafficker among two busted by CANU at Norton St. with cocaine

Andre Clarke, 50, of Norton Street, Wortmanville, Georgetown, and Eon Martin, 45, of Pike Street Kitty, Georgetown, were on Tuesday arrested by ranks of the Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit (CANU) after being found with a quantity of cocaine.  

Reports are that CANU went to Norton Street during an operation and conducted a search. During the search, a brick-like parcel suspected to be cocaine was found in the presence of Clarke and Martin. 

The cocaine, which was seized by CANU

The men were arrested and escorted to CANU’s Headquarters with the suspected narcotic. The narcotic tested positive for cocaine, amounting to 1.158 kilograms with a street value of $1.1 million. 

Clarke is no stranger to CANU, as last year, he was charged after being fingered in a cocaine bust at the same location. 

Akeem Lashley had taken the rap while Clarke was released on $150,000 bail. Clarke was charged in 2011 and was fingered in another drug bust in 2018.



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