Laborer Arrested after Police find 34 grams of Marijuana in Plant Pot 6 Feet Away from Him


A 25-year-old man is now in police custody following the discovery of narcotics.
Police say that on Saturday, around 17:40 hrs and 18:30 hrs, acting on information received, ranks from Regional Division # 3 went to Lite Street Crane, West Coast Demerara. Contact was made with the 25 year old laborer, who was “acting in a suspicious manner”. A search out on his person in the presence of another Police rank but nothing of evidential value was found.
A further search was then conducted around the surroundings, in close proximity of the said male and in a white plant pot which was about 6 feet away from where the male was standing, a black, bulky transparent plastic bag was seen in between the plant.
The bag was opened in his presence, where a number of leaves, seeds, and stem suspected to be narcotic (marijuana) was found.
He was then told of the allegation and under caution, he replied saying “da is not me thing big boy, I just come from work”.
The Corporal then took the said black bulky plastic bag in his possession. The suspect was then arrested by the said rank and escorted to the Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station, where the narcotics was placed on a Police scale and weighed in the presence of the suspect and it amounted to 34 grams.
The said narcotics was then placed into a self sealed evidence plastic bag, marked, sealed and lodged in the general property book with the station sergeant.
The suspect was then placed into custody at the Parfaith Harmonie Police Station.


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