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Labourer busted with ganja in shop at Onderneeming Sandpit

A labourer was arrested on Thursday after Police unearthed a quantity of marijuana in his shop at Lot 54 Onderneeming Sandpit, Essequibo Coast.

Reports are that at about 10:40h, ranks went to the location, where they met Michael Whaul, 36, called ‘Markie.’  

The law enforcement officers requested to search the shop Whaul was operating. 

During the search, a pink container on a shelf containing three transparent pieces of plastic with leaves, seeds, and stems suspected of being cannabis was found. 

Further, another transparent plastic with 27 ziplock bags containing leaves, seeds, and stems suspected to be cannabis was also unearthed. 

The labourer was told of the offence committed, caution to which he reportedly admitted. 

He was arrested and taken to the Suddie Police Station, where the suspected cannabis totalled 41.8 grams. He is in custody and is expected to be charged soon. 



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