Labourer jailed for 4 years after being caught with “ganja”in minibus


A labourer was today sentenced to spend the next four (4) years behind bars after he was caught with a quantity of cannabis while travelling inside of a minibus on Saturday.

Victor Kippins, 48, of Hosannah Street, Rosignol, Berbice was arrested two days ago after cops who were acting on information stopped the vehicle he was travelling in and conducted a search.

The arrest was made in the vicinity of the Fort Wellington Police Station after Kippins, who was a passenger in the minibus, was found to have had 139 grammes of cannabis in his possession.

Kippins appeared before Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh at the Fort Wellington Magistrate’s Court today where he charged with Possession of Narcotics for The Purpose of Trafficking.

He pleaded “guilty” and was subsequently sentenced to four (4) years imprisonment.


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