Labourer shot in back by unidentified masked man in front of yard


A 20-year-old labourer was shot twice by a masked gunman while he was entering his yard on Sunday night.

The injured man has been identified as Brad Da Silva of Onderneeming Sand Pitt, Essequibo Coast, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam).

According to Da Silva, around 20:30h he was heading towards his yard when he heard three (3) loud noises believed to have been gun shots.

He then immediately felt a pain to his back and upon turning around he noticed someone standing some 15 feet away from him wearing a dark coloured hoodie and a face mask.

He told the cops that the man then ran into the nearby bushes and escaped.

Da Silva is presently nursing a gunshot wound to his back as the police continue their investigations into the matter.


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