Landlord discovers lifeless body of tenant on bed inside apartment


A 54-year-old man was found dead on his bed inside of an apartment that he occupied by his landlord who became worried when the now deceased failed to answer several calls he had made to him yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon.

The now dead man has been identified as Azad Khan of Tuschen Housing Scheme, East Bank Essequibo (EBE), who is said to have lived alone in his apartment.

The discovery was made around 17:00h on Wednesday when his landlord peeped through a window and noticed Khan’s motionless body on the bed.

The landlord told the cops that he was on his way to work on Wednesday around 07:00h when he last saw Khan alive.

Upon his return home around 17:00h, the man stated that he called out several times for Khan but received no response. As such, he resorted to “looking through a window” situated by Khan’s bedroom and observed the man lying on the bed.

After a moment, the landlord realized that Khan’s body was still, and he subsequently made a report to the police about his discovery.

According to a police statement, the body was examined by Detectives but no marks of violence were found.

“However, what appears what appears to be ejected matters from the stomach was seen on his bed and his mouth. The body was taken to the Leonora Cottage Hospital, West Coast Demerara (WCD) where it was examined and pronounced dead by a doctor on duty. It was subsequently taken to the Ezekiel Funeral Parlour awaiting a Post Mortem Examination (PME).”

Investigations continue.


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