“Let’s agree with our national motto” ERC says in Independence Day Message


Please see full Press Release from the Ethnic Relations Commission on the Occassion of Guyana’s 56th Independence:

The Ethnic Relations Commission, (ERC), extends warmest greetings to all Guyanese on Independence Day. Political independence was granted after bitter struggle, but all ethnic groups now share one independent homeland, in freedom for more than half a century.  
Cultural and religious freedoms continue to flourish; the ERC congratulates all Guyanese for continuing, in any small way, to cement the ties of diversity that bind everyone together as One People. Independence spurred intensified efforts to promote the growth of tolerance and respect. It blossomed with multi-ethnic national holidays and sharing in each other’s cultural festivities.
The breakaway from the grip of colonial rule, spearheaded by the selfless efforts of heroes of yore, climaxed 56 years ago in May, 1966. The lowering of the Union Jack for the last time and hoisting of the Golden Arrowhead for the first, ushered in the birth of One Nation – represented by diverse peoples including our own indigenous citizens.
The mammoth undertaking of nation-building rests on the shoulders of every citizen, traversing a common path together to attain One Destiny in peace and prosperity. Let’s continue to remember that our ancestors travelled from different lands across the Atlantic and laid the foundations of independence in struggle.
With commitment to country and recognition of our aspirations, the stage is set for adding more building blocks to achieve a more harmonious multi-ethnic society which we all desire. Our National Motto reminds us of that!
Happy Independence to all Guyanese from the Management and Staff of the ERC!


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