Linden Man Loses Life in Early Morning Accident


50-year-old Shawn Deputron of Lot 63 One Mile Wismar, Linden lost his life on Wednesday morning in an accident.

According to police headquarters Deputron who was riding motorcycle #CL 4030 was not wearing a helmet and was proceeding south along the eastern side of Washer Pond Public Road Mackenzie, Linden.

“As he was about to negotiate a slight bend, he lost control of the said motorcycle and collided with a rail on the eastern side of the road, causing him to fall to the road surface where he received injuries about his body.” The report stated.

The accident occurred around 5:30 am on Wednesday.

He was picked up in an unconscious state by public-spirited persons and taken to the Mackenzie Hospital Complex, where he died whilst receiving treatment.

The matter was reported to police at about 05:50hrs this morning and the scene was visited by a party of police ranks.

Statements and measurements were taken, and the cycle was lodged to be examined by the Licence and Certifying officer.

Investigations are ongoing.


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