Lives of Guyanese continue to deteriorate under PPP – Former President Granger


Former President David Granger on Friday believes that the current regime has eroded the trust of the nation, rating the PPP’s first year in office. Granger said that Guyanese have suffered and the PPP has earned itself a bad report since the life of Guyanese have deteriorated since the government took office on August 2, 2020.
In a statement by the former President, he highlighted the cold-hearted response to the dismissals of hundreds of public servants at the average rate of 32 persons per week, the number of deaths caused by the pandemic at the average rate of ten persons per week, the high levels of job insecurity and everyday interpersonal violence and its chilling reaction to the damage and distress caused by the catastrophic three-month flood.
“Although there are 21 cabinet ministers, no single senior minister seemed to command the authority, to define a coherent policy and to control the assets to manage the worst areas of administration – disease, dismissals, flooding and crime – which continue to cause suffering among ordinary people.
The PPP administration has behaved as though it had all the answers by excluding the official Parliamentary Opposition, civil society and workers’ organisations at a time when a national effort was needed,” he noted.
The leader of the People’s National Congress mentioned that the PPP administration, after three months of Guyana’s ‘worst natural disaster’, had no recovery plan for the economy and households. He iterated his call for an Inquiry to assess the impact of the flood so that information could be provided for the entire economy to be placed on the path to recovery.
Further, Granger poured cold water on the chorus of congratulations from commercial enterprises and cultural and religious organizations that praised the PPP administration’s first year in office.


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