Local teacher injured by ‘foreigners’ following altercation over curfew


A 29-year-old teacher was forced to make a report at the Leonora Police Station on Sunday night after being pelted with a glass bottle to his forehead by a foreigner following an altercation at a sports bar.

Reports have indicated that the teacher and three of his friends were having ‘drinks’ at the Jit’s Sports Bar located at Leonora Back Street on the West Coast of Demerara when the proprietor of the bar told them that he will be closing off due to the curfew. At the time there were four identifiable males and two females sitting around another table who were speaking a foreign language.
The proprietor went over to them and informed them also that he is about to close off. The foreigners started to behave disorderly.

As a result, the teacher went over to the four men and asked them to desist from behaving in such a manner.

A scuffle then ensued between the victim and one of the suspects, causing his chain link to burst and his T-shirt to be damaged.

The proprietor became angry and put the foreigners out of his premises. The four men then started to pelt glass bottles into the yard causing one of the bottles to hit the victim on his forehead after which they entered a white Toyota 192 (registration plates unknown) and made good their escape.

The victim then made a report at the Leonora Police Station, where he was handed a medical certificate and escorted to the Leonora Cottage Hospital for medical examination. He was seen and examined by a doctor on duty, treated and sent away.

Checks were made for the suspects but they were not contacted.


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