Male cook allegedly knifed to death by ex-wife during ‘scuffle’


A 46-year-old cook is now dead after he allegedly used a knife to chop his ex-wife to her hand during a scuffle which led to the woman reportedly using the weapon to stab him to death in return on the roadway.

The deceased has been identified as Darren Harris of ‘E’ Field Cummings Park, Sophia, who is said to have died around 21:30h on Thursday on the roadway in his village.

The female suspect, who was the man’s reputed wife until a week prior to his death, had reportedly severed ties with the now deceased as a result of “domestic issues.”

According to a police statement, a female witness told investigations that she overheard an argument which was taking place on the roadway and as  such she ventured out of her home to investigate.

The witness stated that she saw Harris fall to the ground, some 40 feet away from her house, and noticed the man’s former reputed wife walking away from that area.

“The witness raised an alarm and the EMT ambulance service subsequently pronounced Harris dead. The body bore three stab wounds – one to the left side chest and two to the left side upper back. The suspect was arrested at her home where it was observed that she was bleeding profusely from a wound between her right index and ring finger,” the police statement explained.

HGP Nightly News understands that Harris’ ex-wife claimed that she and the now dead man had been involved in a scuffle during which he dealt her a chop to her fingers.

“She further claimed that she relieved him of a knife and inflected the injuries on him and then threw away the said knife. She was escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) and is presently seeking medical attention.  The body of the deceased is presently lying at the Lyken Funeral Parlour awaiting a Post Mortem Examination (PME).”

Investigations continue.


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