Man beaten, relieved of large quantity of jewelry on the West Bank


According to reports, a 26 year old male was robbed of a number of items including jewelry.It was revealed that the man was sitting in front his friend’s home at Two Miles ,Good Fortune West Bank Demerara waiting on a taxi at about 23:45hrs on Sunday when two known males to the victim approached him inquiring about somebody’s wife after which an argument started. As a result, one of the suspects pulled out a metal object, dealt the man several lashes about his body and relieved him of two gold chains valued $351,000, one silver chain with a pendant valued $88,000, one gold band valued $127,000, two gold rings valued $198,000 and one wrist watch valued $150,000.The two men made good their escape before the victim could raise an alarm.The victim was taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital, where he was examined by a doctor, treated and sent away.Investigations are still pending.


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