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Man charged and sentenced to two years in prison after being nabbed with Firearm And Ammunition

Dave Williams was on Tuesday charged for the offences Possession of Firearm without license and Possession of Ammunition.

He appeared before Her Worship Magistrate Faith Mc Gusty at the Vreed-en-Hoop Magistrate Court today where the two charges were read to him.

He pled guilty to both charges. As a result he was sentenced to two (2) years imprisonment.

On Sunday last, Police ranks in Regional Division #3 were on mobile patrol duties around 15:15 hrs, when they stopped 22-year-old motorcyclist Dave Williams, a labourer of Skull City, WBD. He was at the time on motorcycle # CJ 2534.

He was stopped and a search was carried out on his person by a Police Inspector and one .38 snub nose Revolver without serial number containing three (3) live .38 rounds was found in his pants crotch.

He was told of the offence, arrested and cautioned. He replied saying he got the firearm from one “Sherwin”.

The gun was then marked, sealed and lodged. The supect was then placed into custody and statement submitted.



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