Man confesses to stuffing reputed wife’s body in barrel, dumping it in trench


-tells investigators that he murdered spouse following heated argument

One day after being intensely grilled by the cops, the labourer who was arrested after being found hiding under the Canje bridge, Berbice, reportedly confessed to killing his reputed wife, stuffing her body inside a barrel, and dumping it into a trench.

The decomposed corpse, which was discovered with a bed sheet tied around the neck, and clad in a green and white striped dress is said to belong to 23-year-old Devika Vickram a.k.a Vanessa.

The now deceased female hailed from the Zeelugt village, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) prior to her moving into a house with the suspect some five months ago in Berbice.

Her reputed husband, Suraj Veerasammy, reportedly admitted to the police that he and Vickram had a heated argument on Thursday and that the altercation  became physical.

It was during the verbal spat that Veerasammy allegedly murdered the woman and then used a bedsheet from their home to tie around her neck.

The suspect then removed one of the blue plastic  barrels from the front of their yard and dumped the woman’s body inside.

He then  transported the barrel containing  dead woman body to the nearby trench that separates the Hampshire and Belvedere villages, and threw it overboard. . Veerasammy then   went into hiding.

 On Friday morning, the gruesome discovery of the corpse was made by a villager who immediately alerted other residents. The police were then called in to investigate.

On Sunday, the labourer was apprehended by police ranks who had begun a search for him hours after the gruesome discovery, based on reports from persons in his village.

After the shocking discovery of the decomposed body, residents in the area began speculating about the woman’s identity.

A few of them approached the police with information that the suspect and his female partner were engaged in a heated argument some days ago and raised concerns that they did not notice the woman around the area since.

According to the police, the autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) while the file will be dispatched for legal advice on the way forward.


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