Man Drops Motorcycle and flees after spotting cops while allegedly traveling with Narcotics in Linden


A man riding an XR motorcycle without lights or a licence plate was forced to drop his motorcycle and a bulky bag and escape on foot within the vicinity of some thick vegetation at Amelia’s Ward, Linden after spotting police on Monday around 22:00 hours. 

The man had in his possession a white bulky salt bag, and upon seeing the police vehicle, attempted to flee but was pursued by ranks. This caused him to leave his motorcycle and the bag behind and run away. 

The bulky bag was retrieved and when opened, same contained a large quantity of compressed leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis sativa wrapped in transparent plastic along with one bulky black plastic bag containing suspected cannabis sativa which when weighed, amounted to 16.5 pounds (7,484.3 grams). 

Police are continuing the search for the said male as investigations continue


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