Man found dead by mom shortly after woman advised him to “read his Bible”


A 21-year-old male was discovered dead underneath his house by his mother shortly after she told her son to read his Bible moments after he allegedly threatened to take his own life.

The deceased has been identified as Akeem Brisport of Ornoque Drive, Retrieve, MacKenzie, Linden, who is said to have died on Thursday (today) between 05:30h and 06:30h.

The young man was found lifeless by his mother under their two (2) storeyed wooden home.

HGP Nightly News understands that Brisport’s mother lives at the upper flat of the house while the now dead man resided in the lower flat.

Reports are that around 05:30h on the day in question (today), the woman was asleep but suddenly awakened by her son who called out to her saying “Ah fed up, ah going an hang mah self.”

Brisport’s mom told the cops that she immediately advised him to read his Bible but did not check on her son and went back to sleep.

However, one hour later, the woman was awakened from her slumber by an unknown taxi driver who “blew his car horn” while passing her house and brought to her attention that her son was “hanging from a rope under the house.”

Police ranks were subsequently summoned, cut down and escorted Brisport to the Linden Hospital Complex where he was pronounced dead by a Doctor on duty.

His body is presently lying at the Jetsco Funeral home awaiting a Post Mortem Examination (PME).

Investigations into Brisport’s demise continue.


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