• Robbery ruled out.



Richard Dey, a forty year old father of two, was discovered in an alleyway leading to his home on Saturday. The body bore bullet wound to the head and markings on the throat, indicative that something was amiss. The man worked as a mechanic in the interior location. According to reports, Dey was about to go out and was en route to his vehicle when sounds of a gunshot reverberated through the still night air. Initially, no one paid much attention to the sound but soon after an alarm of the body being found was raised.


According to eyewitnesses, the police were summoned but not until after residents saw the body of Dey slumped in a drain. Police, upon review of the body, discovered a gaping wound to the head, seemingly resultant from a gunshot. Family members are somewhat tight lipped, but the man’s death is being treated as a hit. It was revealed that he was involved in some shady deals and the drug trade.
It was reported that he owed persons large sums of money, especially in the Berbice River areas and was being marked. He would usually hang around persons of shady character. The police have ruled out the possibility of robbery since the cash the man left his home with, was untouched in his pockets. The man was even left with his jewellery. One thing that wasn’t recovered from the body was the man’s cellular phone. His body is at the New Amsterdam Hospital mortuary awaiting a Post Mortem Examination


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