– Was reportedly drinking with suspect.


A Corentyne fisherman was reportedly stabbed to death during an altercation with someone known to him. It is reported that the 53 year old man, whose name was given as Lakeram Singh, was imbibing alcohol with the assailant at a shop in Number 66 Village, Corentyne. The man with whom Singh was drinking has been identified as Elton Lilley.

According to the reports, the men were drinking together and shortly after an argument ensued which saw Singh arming himself with a cutlass. Singh later resorted to chopping Lilley on his hand, who in turn grabbed a knife and dealt Singh several stabs about his body. The man allegedly received stabs wounds to his head, back and face. Singh reportedly collapsed and was taken to the Skeldon Hospital. The man died while receiving medical attention at the institution.

Initially, Lilley had fled the scene but was later accosted by lawmen, who should be instituting charges against him shortly. The investigations are continuing, as police awaits the results of a post mortem examination which is expected to be conducted on the remains.


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