Man stabbed to death by sister during row, physical altercation


-suspect had intervened after brother physically assaulted wife

A 20-year-old man is now dead after he was knifed to death by his older sister during an argument which stemmed from him physically assaulting his wife in the presence of his sibling.

The deceased has been identified as Alex Morgow, a fisherman of Parika Backdam, East Bank Essequibo (EBE), who was killed yesterday (Sunday) afternoon at his residence.

HGP Nightly News understands that the murder suspect is the 30-year-old sister of Morgow.

The incident took place around 17:45h at the now dead man’s residence shortly after he and his wife returned home following a visit to a friend of the suspect.

Morgow, his “common law” wife, their son and the suspect are all said to reside at the same address.

Reports are that around 10:00h on Sunday, the husband and wife along with Morgow’s sister ventured to the nearby market and then left there to head towards a the home of the suspect’s friend at First Koker, Parika, EBE.

Upon arrival there, the 30-year-old suspect began consuming alcohol and after some two hours at her friend’s home, the trio left to return to their home.

Around 17:30h at their residence, Morgow and his wife started arguing over a meal she had prepared for him and it quickly became physical. The fisherman pushed his wife to the ground, kicked her and then slapped her in the presence of his older sister.

According to the police, the murder suspect intervened and questioned her brother about his actions towards his wife but this resulted Morgow arguing with her and the siblings ending up in a physical altercation.

HGP Nightly News understands that the suspect then ran into their kitchen, armed herself with a knife, and then returned to her younger brother. The two started arguing again and the 30-year-old female reportedly used the knife to deal a stab to the left side of her brother’s chest.

She then pulled the weapon from his body and he managed to stumble outside of the house and fell to the ground.

An alarm was raised and police ranks were summoned to the scene.

Morgow’s sister was immediately arrested and a search by investigators unearthed the suspected murder weapon stashed inside of a black and white handbag that she had been carrying upon their arrival at the residence.

At around 20:30h on Sunday, the fisherman was taken to the Leonora Cottage Hospital, West Coast Demerara (WCD), where he was pronounced dead by the Doctor on duty.

His body was then escorted to the Ezekiel Funeral home where it awaits a Post Mortem Examination (PME) as investigations into Morgow’s death continue.


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