Man who allegedly died while intervening in fight between husband, wife was instigator- police


The man who was was allegedly murdered on Sunday while intervening in a row which turned physical between a husband and wife is said to have initiated a fight with the suspect.

To date, the only name provided to investigators about the identity of the deceased is “Tamesh”.

According to the police, the now dead man was a close friend to the 58-year-old female whose reputed husband killed him.

She and her spouse had been living together for two years and “Tamesh” would usually visit her residence to consume alcohol with the murder suspect.

She told the cops that on Father’s Day (Sunday) around 11:30h “Tamesh” visited her Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) home where he and her husband began drinking beers and high wine.

Shortly after, the woman heard a discussion between the two; her friend was telling her reputed husband that he “must treat his wife good.”

However, her spouse felt offended and told the now deceased to “keep out” of the couple’s affairs.

As such, an argument ensued between the two men she admonished them both.

According to the woman, shortly after this her friend left her home and went to a nearby shop where he sat with a group of men.

From that location he began “challenging” her husband to a fight.

As a result of this, the murder suspect then went to the shop and the two men continued their argument before her husband returned to their home and armed himself with a cutlass.

She watched her spouse return to the shop and continue the row with her friend. However, she alleged that “Tamesh” grabbed the cutlass from her husband and a scuffle ensued between the two men.

While the fight was ongoing, a gaping wound was seen on her friend’s hand as blood “gushed out of it.”

Her husband managed to retrieve the cutlass from her friend’ grip and started dealing three stabs to the man’s abdomen.

“Tamesh” then fell to the ground and the murder suspect continued to inflict several other stabs about his body before making good his escape. about the deceased body and made good his escape.

When the cops arrived at the scene, they saw the three stab wounds to the man’s neck, one to his right hand and his intenstines protruding.

“Tamesh” was taken to the Bartica Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The suspect, who has only been indentified as “Niggie”, is still on the run from the police as investigations continue.


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