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MARAD urges boat operators to adhere to maritime laws

The Maritime Administration Department (MARAD), with support from the Guyana Coast Guard on Thursday, conducted a compliance survey with boat operators traversing the Essequibo and Mazaruni Rivers and found many not to be in adherence with maritime laws.

In a press release, MARAD said the exercise was not to penalise anyone but was meant for a compliance survey.

“Defaulting operators were advised that operating vessels without the requisite compliance is, in fact, a breach of the Maritime Law, which must be adhered to at all times, and errant and non-compliant operators will be fined and prosecuted accordingly,” MARAD noted.

The joint activity included the Registrar of Ships (MARAD), Gale Culley-Greene, Deputy River Navigation Officer (MARAD), Deighton Melville, and Inspector (MARAD) Brian Dey, along with Coast Guard Officers under the command of Senior Petty Officer Orlando Barkie.

Meanwhile, during the Bartica visit, Director of Maritime Safety, Captain Courtney McDonald, and Safety Clerk Quaislyn David took the opportunity on Thursday to conduct a training exercise for individuals who were desirous of obtaining a bowman or bow woman’s badge, a river navigation licence, a boatmaster grade 3 licence (speedboat) or a certificate of competency.

To this end, MARAD noted that the initiative would continue throughout the country, especially in riverine areas with a school population.

“Parents and community leaders are also advised to reach out to MARAD if they have any questions or queries on marine safety regulations,” the missive concluded.



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