The Maritime Safety Training Institute was launched with the aim of providing state-of-the-art maritime and safety related training programmes. Yaniss Abrams Reports. 

The MATPAL Marine Institute and TotalTec Oilfield Services Guyana Incorporated for some time have been pushing to establish a training Institute for Maritime Safety and on Thursday Morning that alliance has formed the institute.

Senior Vice President of TotalTec Oilfield Services Mike Hanzell said that through the collaboration between the two, will offer a state of the art facilities for maritime and safety related training. Additionally, he added the collaboration is expected to employing qualified instructors, equipment and new physical facilities to deliver all facets of this highly specialized training in the long run. 

CEO of the MAPTAL Marine Institute Coleen Abrams said t hrough the strategic collaboration, they are committed to addressing the issue of local content through training as well as adopting and enforcing the standards that are nationally and internationally accepted, so as to set and keep the bar high as it relates to knowledge and skill transfer.


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