Westfield Prep Dancers (center) and Teacher (right) receive their award from a Ministry of Education Representative (left) for First place in the 5-7 Dance Category

The National Children’s Mashramani Competition begun on Thursday, February 13, 2020 with performances in dance and masquerade.

West Field Prep emerged the winner of the age 5-7 dance category with their piece, ‘Supplication of a Child’ which told of how faith can bring you through life’s challenges

Coming in second in the same category was Region 10’s Christianburg Primary School which presented a Fantasy themed dance called ‘Trolltopia’. Their performance evoked memories of the 2016 animated film Troll.

Tapakuma Primary School succeeded in third place. The Region 2 School presented a Religious Belief themed dance, titled ‘Celebrating God’s Goodness’.

Tapakuma Primary Dancers receiving the second-place trophy for the 8-10 Dance Category from a Ministry of Education Representative

In the age 8-10 dance category, West Field Prep once again snatched the coveted position, this time with a Social Commentary dance, ‘Lamentation of an Orphan’. Audience members were left teary-eyed as they told a tale of how road carnage can affect the lives of children after losing their parents.

Region 2 and Region 10 placed second and third respectively in this category

Tapakuma Lake Primary, Region 2 in a Legend and Traditions themed dance, Tribal Homage to the Legendary Piaimana’ paid tribute to their Indigenous culture. While One Mile Primary School, Region 10’s ‘Plea for a Father’s Love’ portrayed the role of a father and the impact his absence can have on a child’s life.

Flutes and the sounds of African drums introduced Masquerade characters such as Bam-Bam Sally, the Stilt-Man, Mad Cow and flouncers onto the stage for the age 8-10 Masquerade category.

Region 3 students receive the first-place trophy in the 8-10 Masquerade category

Five regions made it to the national stage and the National Masquerade Champions were Region 3 (first), Region 2 (second) and Region 4 (third).

Thursday marked the first day of the National Children’s Mashramani Competitions, which will continue on Friday with the Calypso, Dramatic Poetry and Jingle Competitions and Saturday with the Costume and Float Parade.


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