Mattai’s Supermarket owner stabbed in front of home during failed robbery attempt


Businessman and owner of the well-known Mattai’s Supermarket, Harry Mattai, was attacked by two (2) men then stabbed with a knife, as they attempted to rob him in front of his Bel-Air Park, Georgetown, home, in the presence of his wife and daughter who were inside of the Mattai’s vehicle a short distance away.

The incident occurred around 22:11h on Saturday (yesterday) when the businessman, his spouse and their daughter had just returned home in their car and he was in the process of opening their gate.

According to the police statement, Mattai exited his vehicle and left the two females inside of the car, and while trying to open his gate he noticed the two (2) suspects approach him on two (2) bicycles from a Western direction.

The armed bandit pointed a knife at the businessman and said “hand over what u get”.

“The victim replied that he didn’t have anything to which the perpetrators then tried to search him and a scuffle ensued. The suspect who was armed with a knife dealt the victim a stab to his lower back causing injuries. The perpetrators then made good their escape heading west on the said bicycles.’

The businessman was rushed to a private hospital where he was seen and examined by a doctor on duty who treated and sent him away.

“Checks made for the suspects but they were not located. Investigation ongoing.”


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