MCC Princess Street Koker Not Operational


The Princess Street Koker has broken. Since Sunday, the koker has been inoperable.

However, the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority along with the Mayor and City Council are currently working to have it blocked to limit the impact of flooding in the area.

The MCC said that currently they are using emergency measures- i.e the mechanical pump the primary source of drainage.

There will be an accumalation of storm water in the storm drains and possibly witin some yards.

Areas which are likely to be affected are : Wortmanville, Werk-en-rust, Albouystown , Charlestown and some parts of Lodge as these storm drains were design to retain 25mm (1 inch) of storm water.

“We continue to regulate the level of storm water and the continuous flow rate with the mechanical pump until we can return to normal operations.Engineers from both agencies are working assiduously to have the issue rectified in the shortest possible time with minimal inconvenience to residents.” the MCC said in a statement.

Resident of Georgetown were urged to report flooding to whatsapp number 620 6222.


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