Mechanic broadsided with cutlass, robbed of gold chain by bandits


A 27-year-old mechanic of Lodge, Georgetown, was beaten with a cutlass by one (1) of two (2) bicycle bandits while the other snatched his (mechanic’s) gold chain off his neck before the duo made good their escape on Saturday night.

HGP Nightly News understands that the incident occurred around 20:30h on the day in question along the Turkeyen Eastern Highway Access Road, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

According to a police statement, the alleged robbery was executed by two (2) “identifiable” men who had turned up at the above-mentioned location on a “BMX” bicycle.

“Enquiries disclosed that on the date and time mentioned above, the victim was sitting on his motorcycle which was parked on the Turkeyen Eastern Highway Access Road Southern section in the vicinity of Movietowne when he was approached by the two suspects who dismounted their bicycle. One of the males then approached the victim and began to deal him several lashes with the cutlass about his body causing him to receive injuries. The other male then snatched his chain which was around his neck, after which the two males then mounted their bicycle and rode off making good their escape.”

The cops noted that the 10 pennyweight gold chain is valued at $50,000.

“Checks were made in the area for the suspects but none were found. The victim sustained no serious injuries, but was given a medical to seek medical attention. Enquiries in progress.”


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