A father of eight confessed before the Chief Magistrate that he stole a quantity of cigarettes and tequila to obtain funds to return home to his 8 children. Here is Javone Vickerie.

50 year-old Rishie Persaud of Berbice appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLeannan tearful, as he confessed to stealing a quantity of cigarettes and tequila from a shop located at Dakari Landing, Mazaruni River. Persaud confessed that on January 3 in the said location, he broke and entered into a shop and stole six cartons of cigarettes and two bottles of tequila valued at $100,000.

Police say that the day after the shop was broken into, the owner reported the matter to the police and as such an investigation cigarettes and. number stated that it was eyewitnesses who identified Persaud. Persaud however had a very remorseful explanation in court for his actions. He said, “My worship I was under heavy influence of alcohol. On the night I break into the place, I was frustrated because I needed passage to go home… I asking for you to have mercy on me.

I got 8 children.” The man explained that it was after he became sober that he realized what he had done. The police stated that Persaud had taken them to a location where the items were retrieved. The Chief Magistrate in and entered he had no prior charges fined him $15,000. If Persaud fails to pay his fine, he would have to spend McLennan weeks in prison.


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