Miner found dead in front of shop with injuries to head, neck


-police hunting for suspect who fled the scene after allegedly committing the act

A 33-year-old miner was found dead with incised wounds to his head and throat in front of a shop during the wee hours of yesterday (Sunday) at Quartz Stone Backdam, Cuyuni River, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).

The dead man has been identified as Allensford Consford Sargon whose address is presently unknown.

Sargon was allegedly killed around 04:30h at the above-mentioned location by an identifiable male who is currently on the run from the cops.

Reports are that prior to Sargon’s death, he was employed by a miner of No. 40, Village West Coast Berbice, and according to his employer, on Saturday he “washed down” his dredge and paid all of his workers, including Sargon.

The now dead man is said to have subsequently left his employer’s camp after collecting his wages, then ventured out to Quartz Stone Landing.

He was never seen alive again by his boss or coworkers.

According to a miner/shop owner operating at Quartz Stone, on Sunday around 04:30h he was sound asleep inside of his shop when someone woke him from his slumber.

The person notified him that the suspect had “just killed” Sargon in front of his premises.

He told the cops that he immediately went outside and noticed the now dead man lying about 12 feet north of his shop motionless and quickly made a report to the police.

According to the cops, upon arrival at the scene, Sargon’s body was found in the aforementioned location clad in a three quarter pants and dark blue Tee Shirt.

Upon examination of the body by the police, two incised wounds were seen to the head and throat. The body is presently being escorted to the Bartica Regional Hospital. Statements from persons were taken by the police and a search is underway for the suspect,” a police statement noted.

Investigations into the miner’s murder continue.


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