Miner murdered in Quartzstone Landing Cuyuni River


A dead miner at Quartzstone Landing, Cuyuni River was examined by Police ranks on Saturday, September 2021 at the river bank after a confrontation between himself and a known male. Reports indicate that Marlon Carter had a misunderstanding with the male suspect which resulted in lacerations to his head above the left ear, his left lower forearm, his forehead, a wound to the right ankle (almost severed), and burns to the chest area.
However, police said that the suspect’s brother – who was wanted for a rape and robbery under arms matter reported in August 2021 and is currently answering a firearm charge – handed over to the police a 9mm pistol with the make and serial number filed off, which he stated was the property of the deceased.
The body of the deceased was escorted to Bartica and thence to Memorial Funeral Parlour where it awaits Post Morteum Examination.
The suspect’s brother was placed in custody and efforts are currently being made to locate the suspect also.
Investigations in progress.


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